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Online consultation with MysticChad - Clairvoyance and Numerology Readings in United States today. 10-15 years of practicing of Numerology Readings. ~~~~Buy one, get one free reading! Read bio for details! Get your lucky numbers & dates here!~~~~ I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, numerologist! Love, relationship, business are among many of my specialties! Come visit me for all the answers you need that sometimes you may not want! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rules and limitations for the buy one get one free reading special: 1. You must spend $19.99 in one reading, and or setting. 2. You must get a reading by 6/1/12 3. You must claim your free reading by 7/1/12 4. I will write your information down in a notepad document 5. You have to remind me, because I will not remember 6. Can I get more than one free reading? Yes you have to either spend 39.99 in one session, or get more than one 19.99 reading. 6. The free readings consist of one question one answer. 7. Can I still get the free reading deal if I play the sixth sense game on Oranums facebook page and win 20 free credits by going here ? Yes. You would be spending 19.99 credits or more! If you have any more questions and or concerns please feel free to ask me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For those of you that don\'t know clairvoyance (see), clairaudience (hear), clairsentience (feel), numerologist (Mastered the art of numerology) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Free Chat Rules: 1. No free questions will be answered in FREE Chat 2. No trolling 3. Please respect me and other members 4. No foul Language 5. Be respectful ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some people I cannot connect with those of you that I can\'t I will let you know please do not waste your money, I am not here to take your money and run! I can peg everyone right with numerology! This hardly ever happens! This is just a disclaimer! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The numerologist is in! Come and get a reading with me and I know that you will not be disappointed! I tune in on the spirits using numerology, using your name and DOB I can tell you what the spirits are telling me!. I am only offering numerology at this time, although spirits do talk to me and I see very vivid images of the future!, it does not apply to everyone my spirits speak when they have something to say! My ability happened when I hit my head when I was 13, I went into coma, and then the spirits have been with me ever since! I enjoy giving people answers, and helping them through there journey in life. I have a way of words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. I will reveal the opportunities and challenges you will face in life. Whether it is life path questions, I can assist you in finding the best answer for your situation! Or, if you have other questions that need answering, ask me...I will help you! Everything in life has a purpose and a meaning. And nothing is by chance! You often need support, a support or spiritual advice! I\'m just here to help, advise and listen to peoples concerns. My advice is comforting and true. Lies and falsehoods are not part of my philosophy of life! Do you want the truth, you have the truth, even if it lasts! No free readings in open room sorry! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Type of questions that people ask: Relationships Love Business, finance Problems with friends Law Or people just wanting a someone to talk to ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things I do not generally do: Lost and found Pregnancy Medical questions (Neither I or my guides are doctors) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Testimonials: He was very honest told you the truth. Very nice person. I recommend him. ulistrauss, Dallas Chad is an amazing reader. He is very talented at what he does and I suggest you have a reading from him if you want an amazing experience. :) He is fun to look at and great at what he does. You wont be disappointed. HeavenlyWhisper, USA Chad is very cool, very nonjudgmental and has a genuine desire to help! True empath in every sense of the word. A darling but tell you like it is! thewritegrl, CA He was very informative about my current situation and overall numerology for myself and a significant other. He has reassured me of my decision. Thank you Chad!!!! :) solecito1212, San Diego The reading was right on tiffsmom, Jefferson Totally appreciated. Had lot of the things going on in my life right on the target. ridz20, USA Chad is the man.......Folks, please give him a go, you WON\'T regret it....honestly. he\'s 101 out of 100 in my book!!!! Bakebreal, Chicago Wow!!! amazing reading. thank you and i will definitely be back. Recommended!!!! tash1921, South Africa Wow... very detailed!! flower08, Texas Good reading! and very honest I\'ll come back jeyce, San Diego Terrific reading...he used no cards just told me what he sees based upon what his guides were telling him...very tuned in gemmie, Munich Chad is an amazing reader and now consider him a great friend, who gives amazing advice. Thank you so much Chad for our wonderful session. You are truly amazing. I would give him 10 stars if i could De5pina, Sydney Australia Absolutely wonderful, cool, honest, and hit ALL points. Very cool to talk to. Will look for him again.......this is my dude!!! Bakebreal, Chicago Fantastic, Love him !!!!!!!!!! De5pina, Sydney Australia Quick and informative advice. A compassionate person. Honest answers. Thank you. av, Au Chad is good. He knows his stuff in both numbers and in empathy. I would recommend. Autumnsheart666, M-W Mystic chad is a big help...Thank you you help me clear my mind... NA, Houston Very good, was a pleasure to talk to :) MsKatie, Edmonton I enjoyed the reading. thank you so much for your time.......:) kaurkaur, India Good detail FRANCIS27, great reading __________________________________________________________________________________________

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