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Chat with loveissues - Dream Interpretation and Numerology Readings in United States online. 10-15 years of practice in Numerology Readings. I have 10 to 15 years of successfully helping people. I don't just look at it like they come in for a reading and go along their way. I care for everybody I read for: I don't just give a reading, tell you what's going to happen and send you on your way. I like to connect with my clients. I like to help them, not only know what's coming up, but to understand their situation. Even if it's something bad, I'm going to tell you and help you accept it. I'm going to help you understand that sometimes in our life bad things have to happen in order to move us in the direction where the world wants us to be. So if we lose our job, sometimes the world will make you lose that job so you can spread your wings and find where you need to be. What are your specialties? I specialize in love and relationships. I love to help people with their love and relationship situations. I'm here helping my clients understand why and how things work in their life. I always use my tarot cards. I'm clairvoyant and have premonitions. I read mainly off of energy levels. During my readings I always make sure that my clients get the best of their reading. I love to use different types of tarot cards during the reading too.

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