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Chat with KiOracleOnline - Western Astrology and Mayan Astrology in United States online. 20-25 years of practice in Mayan Astrology. Clairvoyant Medium of 22 years, I channel your information through my Guides accurately. I am also highly skilled in the use of tool interpretation with the Tarot and Oracle cards. My spiritual coaching for your life circumstances will give you an accurate energy read, wisdom, complete truth, and the options you need to empower yourself with. FREE CHAT The Chat room is a place to get to know me as an Intuitive and ask questions about my understanding of spiritual things, or just chat to get to know each other better. NO FREE READINGS IN THE CHAT ROOM. ALL INTUITIVE QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED IN PRIVATE SESSIONS. What I do offer are the following activities: Round Table Discussion groups, Demo's requested by Oranum, Games wherein the winner will get a free demo, and "Daily Cards" at the end of the shift. :: KI ORACLE ONLINE :: SNAP SHOT Friends at Oranum call me Kiora, and I would like to welcome you to my room. Just giving you a short background in my journey to discovering my gifts. I became the "reluctant psychic" being filled with fear, resistance, numbing out, and tuning out as much as I could. This is normal I have found out, as we often resist change and exploration of ourselves until we’re ready. But as I continued my studies in various spiritual disciplines, including Meditation. I found out meditation develops Psychic gifts ...I finally began to accept what it was that I was experiencing in the areas of receiving Psychic Gifts & as a Medium, as a result of prayer and meditation combined. CHANNELING MEDIUM My work for others in any reading is founded on Channeling and Prayer-work. Christian at root level, I am a Spiritual person, having studied many spiritual disciplines, there is truth in many religions. There are many paths through which we can experience "Spirit", "the Universe", Creator, Goddess and God energies. Channeling is the foundation for all inspiration and information; in my quest to help someone out. So this is the path through which I give all readings. I receive energy in the form of images (clairvoyance), words (clairaudience), feelings (clairsentience), and strong knowing (claircognisance). It comes in puzzle pieces, so please expect this as I work. Note: I will say to you EXACTLY as I see the vision or get the words, IMPRESSIONS, etc. MEET MY GUIDES I work as a Medium Channel with my guides who are my family members. So this is very exciting and a very accurate way to read for you. Please meet my father George and my sister Cathie, they will be providing information to help you, and I will be passing it forward to you, they will talk with your Guides, as well to provide you with information. TOOL INTERPRETATION PLEASE NOTE I DO NOT NEED TO USE TOOLS LIKE CARDS OF ANY KIND. I welcome any request that you may have to not use of cards in your session, I'm completely flexible. Equally should you enjoy the symbology of cards during your private reading I am very experienced in the use of Tarot, and Oracle cards. I have find an interplay of divine communication that expresses itself in universal symbols. I have fun using tools, as they always act to spark a thought, a feeling, or an image. BUT I REAFFIRM THAT I DON'T NEED TO USE CARDS, because 100% of my information is channeled for you through spirit first in our reading, and additional or confirmed information breaks open with the tools... after that, again spirit channeled information is presented, first. Clearly again, MY STYLE is such that I read the energy and channel with my guides FIRST, and then either use accent cards or a full spread, ACTING as a check and balance to the channeling, it can bring in another angle in terms of information, at times. But usually matches the channeling I have done for you. Some people have preferences and I sincerely respect that, just please indicate what you would like, and I will accomodate. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE USE OF TOOLS DIMINISHES MY EFFECTIVENESS AND ACCURACY AS CLAIRVOYANT AND MEDIUM. Some people believe that to be true, but I don't ... escpecially after working for 22 years in this field. This is why I want to make myself clear. *smiling wink* TAROT: Egyptian, OshoZen, Lovers Path, Gendron & Rider- Waite ORACLES: I Ching. Animal Wise and Kabbalah DEMO READINGS When I do Demo Readings you will see the way in which I work as I channel. Channeling employs Clairvoyant (images), Clairsentient (feelings), and Clairaudient (words/sounds) to bring together a puzzle piece of information, to then form a tapestry. This tapestry tells parts of your story, past, present and future. I channel through my guides and tell you exactly as I see it, whether it makes perfect sense in present time or not. So please takes notes for future unfoldment as well as present and past connections. I will then throw down spread for you, which is usually a mirror image of what I had just channeled with additional information, at times. PRIVATE SESSIONS During private sessions you will receive the style of reading I give in my demo's. The difference of the private is truly important as it offers full concentration and focus which is extremely important to accuracy in any given reading. This becomes extremely difficult in a public chat room filled with many people and many mixed and crossing energies, as an empath, I also make connections through heart felt energy, so I can become bombarded in an energetic sense. Private is your time to also ask questions of a sensitive and confidential nature that you don't want the world to know. Thus if your reading is a quick 5 minutes or 50 minutes, you will have the proper environment to receive the gifts I have been given to guide you with. ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS Roundtables are discussions based on different Quotes or life issues that I bring in, from this springs some very interesting ideas that thread forward into important conversations we can all learn from. We can share and very deeply, friendships can form and it’s a beautiful thing to experience with one another, we are then connecting as people. ACCURACY LEVEL As a naturally gifted Clairvoyant Medium, I claim 98% accuracy ... I leave 2% leeway for just being human and having off days due to Illness, depresssion, exhaustion, and so forth,etc. TIME LINES I do time lines naturally and spontaneously. THIS IS NOW THE ONLY WAY I WILL SHARE A TIME LINE, IF IT COMES NATURALLY WITHOUT ASKING. So please don’t ask for a time line, I have tried to acomodate in the past, and it’s not as accurate as if an impression of time just comes. Blessings! Kiora *** ALSO, ALL GUESTS PLEASE GO AHEAD & GET REGISTERED, IT TAKES ABOUT 5 MINUTES, AND WILL ALLOW YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET AN INSPIRING READINGS. REGISTRATION ALSO PREVENTS BEING TIMED OUT*** ____________________________________________________________________________________ :: WHAT PEOPLE HAVE SAID :: She is one of the first readings I've had where she literally pointed out somebody that's around me and even went as far as describing hair color and persona. That really blew my mind, and I'm very picky when it comes to selecting someone to read me. Please do not hesitate to give KiOracle a try, you will surely not be disappointed. IndigoStars, Grand Rapids, Mi MAN SHE IS SO AWESOME SHE WAS SO ACCURATE GAVE ME CHILLS.... SHE CONFIRMED ALOT FROM A COUPLE OTHER PSYCHICS HERE THAT HAVE GONE TO AND THEY HAVE SAID THE SAME THING IN SOME WAYS..... I WILL Definitely BE BACK ... vansangyl, prattville KiOracle reading was just amazing she blew me away with her accuracy and details. She is gentle and kind give great advice as well. She is the sure thing . If you looking for answers she is the right person to go to. Giver her a chance, Trust me you won't be disappointed . I give KiOracle 5****** Lucy117, New York City Kind and honest. May not be what you want to hear, but now I can move on with my life. Thank you! rumi628, San Francisco

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