Amazith - Clairvoyance and Lenomard Card Reading in United States

Have a chat with Amazith - Clairvoyance and Lenomard Card Reading in United States today. 1 years of practicing of Lenomard Card Reading. To be honest, I'm not an experienced psychist. But i feel, that now the moment came to start helping other people in the same situation I am / I was. Amazith; this comes from the berber language and means "free man". Free from borderlines, free in your mind, just following your heart. This is my main goal in helping other people to experience this great feeling to be free from fears, jealousy and everything else what is not real and learn listening to your heart to feel the real things like trust and the most important from everything; love. My spiritual journey started in November 2014 when I met a special person who opened the doors to the fascinating spiritual world. Since this date I'm glad to learn every day something new about me and going forward to reach higher levels in my conscious. My goal is to share my experiences with other people to support them in their way to find their inner self and conscious. Love, trust and liberty; the three essences to live a full live.

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