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Talk to mssaul - Clairvoyance and Dream Interpretation in United States now. 5-10 years of experience in Dream Interpretation. LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP EXPERT~~~I read on all areas including Health, Finances, Jobs, Careers, Family, Dreams and relocation. I can pick up on thoughts, emotions as well as i can see up to 5 years into the future, I give time-frames and descriptions as well. Love is such a beautiful thing when you have it and feel it, which is why it is important not to take it for granted, just let yourself loose in the moment and enjoy it. Good and successful relationships take work and a lot of mending, patience and understanding. Please guys, it's very important to know your partner, the real person before you can have a meaningful relationship with them. Remember massive communication is always needed in a relationship in order to know what your partner is feeling, always be assertive and not aggressive or authoritative. I am a very insightful love, relationship and romance coach, if you want to reconcile or move forward and be in love again or know what your partner is feeling, then I'm your psychic!!!! Chat with me today for clear effective readings. Hi, my name is Simone. I must confess that I’m in love with love (if that makes any sense). I love seeing people happy and in love, since the age of 9 I found myself always giving love and guidance advice to my older sisters (can you believe that), now they all have successful marriages and kids. I love guiding through rough patches and bumps. I am here for you, to help you overcome your fears and doubts. Almost always I give accurate, solid and helpful advice, with me there is no judgments and aggression. So come with me and let your love life begin! Let’s talk now! I am very enthusiastic about my work and how it makes clients feel some sort of fulfillment. I am very gifted and I like using my gift to help others. For over the past 6 to 10 years I have Helped singles and couples through bumps along the way. Helping persons dating to make a smooth transition through dating into the relationship phase. Helping and encouraging persons through the different phases in dating and relationship. As well as giving relationship advice to clarify what’s going on wrong or right. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MY SPECIALTIES^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *RECONCILING YOU WITH YOUR LOVE, MEND YOUR RELATIONSHIPS *HELP FIND SOUL-MATES AND LOVE *EXPERT OF HELPING YOU OUT IF YOU PARTNER IS CHEATING *HELP YOU TO REACH OUT TO PASS LOVE AND FUTURE LOVE *HELP WITH GUIDANCE *CAREER GUIDANCE * FINANCE RESOLUTION *RELOCATION AND TRAVELING ADVICE *LIFE COACH *ALWAYS A PROFESSIONAL APPROACH *VERY EXPERIENCED AT EMPATHY *GREAT WITH RELAXATION THERAPY *GOOD NATURAL HEALING ADVICE *HOLISTIC HEALING TO THE BEST *BEST WITH MEDIATION *DREAM INTERPRETATION *EMAIL READINGS IS ALSO AVAILABLE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^EXPERIENCE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ * START SEEING INTO THE FUTURE AT THE AGE OF NINE * WORK WITHIN MY CHURCH, HELPING PEOPLE TO KNOW CERTAINTIES WITH THEIR FUTURE * HELPING PEOPLE FOR YEARS WITH PERSPECTIVES ABOUT THEIR LIFE * HELPED PEOPLE FIND COMFORT, FOCUS AND DIRECTION * HELPED PEOPLE MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIFE AFTER LOSING A LOVE ONE * HELPED PEOPLE SEE REASONS AS TO WHY SOMEONE HURT THEM * HELPED PEOPLE WITH CLARITY AND CLOSURE * HELPED PEOPLE WITH DEPRESSION, CONFUSION, STRESS AND FRUSTRATION * HELPED PEOPLE RESOLVE CONFLICTS WITH FAMILY MEMBERS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^EXAMPLE QUESTIONS YOU CAN ASK^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ * Is he or she cheating? * Does he or she love me? * Is it worth getting back together? * Will my boyfriend or girlfriend return to me? * Is he going to ask me out soon? * why she/he didn't call me? * Is he or she my soulmate? * Can we be happy together? * Are we good for each other? * What the new year hold for me? * When will we be happy again? * Where is my life heading? * Will I have a job soon? * Will I relocate or move soon? Upon entering my chatroom, I do not answer questions in free chat. For details, you have to request a private reading. i do not use cards or any other objects, I ask for you name and age and question. I establish a connection with you through that information and then begin my reading thoroughly. In order to have an effective reading both of us need to participate. I love channeling through your energies, it makes me better understand your pain and situation. Let's chat today and let me guide and take you into a smooth transition of your life, whether it is career, money, love or traveling. Believe in yourself and be accommodating of those that supports you, rise above the ignorance and strive for excellence and betterment. If you want to know how good and successful I am in my private readings, please feel free to read the various testimonials on my profile. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!

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