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Chat Live with MoonMedium - Clairvoyance and Dream Interpretation in United States today. 4 years of practice and competence in Dream Interpretation. ******************Welcome Welcome****************** I Am MoonMedium;) I am an International Psychic Medium. German and English Speaking. -Clairvoyant: The ability to see the past, present and future events. Connecting with celestial energy to help balance pain and fearful energies. -Clairaudient: To hear Spiritual energy and work with it through listening. This gift offers peace and trust to those open to it. -Clairsentient: This ability is one where you feel the past, the present but most strongly the future. -Claircognizant: Clear knowing is what this ability means. I know events that have passed, are passing and will come to pass. -Medium: Connecting with Loved Ones that have passed. Kind and Honest Spirits guide me. It is my calling to deliver messages from the Spirit World with love. Please be clear about who you want to contact and the message will come through. It doesn't take me long to connect, only a few seconds and the intentions are revealed to me. -Tarot Card Reader: I have been blessed with intuitive knowing and can interpret the cards with insight and clarity from my guides. Each card speaks about a certain energy in your life. Be open-minded when asking for a tarot reading. Often the images can depict a reality that has happened, is happening or could still, happen! You shape your future, this time is about you and gaining insight into what this life has to offer through a reading with me, can help you face the challenges with more courage, respect and truth! -Chakra Readings: I can see into the energy field and see which blockages are preventing you from experiencing the best of what this life has to offer. Make the step and receive a Chakra Reading and you will begin to confront many issues that still keep you from enjoying the true and lovely quality of this life. - Angel Readings: Here I connect with the Archangels. All angels are received by me and I also connect with Guardian Angels. This becomes important when you are in a period of reflection and finally, want to put the pieces together. Allow me to find the reasons why certain things are not working in your life and then allow the angels to come through and guide you away from the feeling that you cannot change your situation. Dream Interpretation: The ability to find the hidden meaning in dreams has been part of my gift. As I am a healer, so do I recognize where the healing must happen very quickly. Allow me to read your dreams and reveal to you, the necessary information, so you can make informed decisions and can connect with your goals and aspirations. General Readings: These give me the opportunity to feel the most pressing issues in your life and bring them to light. All my general readings are nonetheless very personal and powerful. This is your moment in life, take it and find the direction you need to make things work. I am here;) _____________________________________________________________ What I need: -Your name and the names of those who are involved if you would like to provide me with those details. I do not share the information I read for you and you can always trust in me doing this from the heart! - An open mind: What I see, I see. Good or Bad. Now sometimes what may feel bad to us, can in truth be something much deeper and show us a new side to viewing and dealing with the situation. By keeping an open mind, so do you allow me as the reader to share with you all I see. After all, you are here to receive the truth! And it is my goal to provide you then, with the details of what I see. - An open heart: These times are not easy. We all are trying to understand life and encourage the positive. By keeping an open heart or a free willingness to learn, so does more passionate energy begin the healing process for you! It is my pleasure sending powerful love to your situation and I do not judge, so please do not judge either! ______________________________________________________________ Free Chat Rules: *Kindness to all you meet in my Room. We all are human and we all deal with emotions. *Respect. We meet people from all walks of life. The best gift to give anyone, is respect. *No rude comments on what people share please. Also be careful about what you want to share in my free Chat. No Free Readings! ****************************** Guests are always welcome to register and become a Member on Oranum. Members are always welcome to have a private Session with me. ******************************* I really do care and take everything I do here, very seriously. Yes laughter is included in my free Chat and it is my pleasure getting to know people from all over the world. See you soon;) Moon Medium

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