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Get a consultation from NovaLeone - Love And Sex and Clairvoyance in United States - no waiting. 15-20 years of practice and skills in Clairvoyance. Namaste My name is Mariama. I love you guys and I know how hard times are. So, I am going to drop my price to $1.99 for you all and on Tuesdays it will b $1.49. from 8 pm to midnight I have been surrounded by the spirit world since I was a child and my psychic abilities became apparent to me and other people since i was about 7. I can hear, feel, smell and taste. I have a lot of premonition through dreams as well as spirits coming to talk to me I am very intuitive and i also consult my spirit guides as well. My intuitions saved my life on more than one occasion. I am Clairvoyant able to see the future I do premonition dreams that let me see future events to come. I am Empathic able to feel, smell, taste and experience the feelings and emotions of others, and can pick up when you are sick as well. You can ask about my abilities and how i do works. I like to give a reading by going straight to the point I will not just tell you what you want to hear so if you are looking for a sugar coated truth you are talking to the wrong person. Sorry If I am the bearer of bad news but as I always says. IF you do not want to know, do not ask me!!! I look forward to connecting with you and using my psychic and healing abilities to Help you today. MY RULES IN THE FREE CHAT ROOM everyone is welcome. Please do not expect free answers or readings it is against company policy. Do not expect a YES or NO in Free Chat Room. Do not expect a free card in Free Chat. I rarely use tarots as a matter of fact. Please have patience and wait for your turn you will be called and addressed as per your turn. Behave in a decent and civilized manner, any racial slurs, rude remarks, and anything that displeases me will BE DEALT WITH IMMEDIATELY. PLEASE Do not push me to use the “KICK or BAN" Options. I would hate to do it, but won’t hesitate enforcing that option. Many people have been asking me for a demo, I will get to it when I feel ready for it. Please leave an honest feedback! Some will leave negative feedback, just because they didn’t like the answer. This is not good for me as a reader or for you as a client. As a reader, negative feedback my business in a bad way. As a client, leaving negative feedback because you did no hear what you hoped to hear or because it is not happening fast enough is not right either. A psychic cannot connect with 100% of the people a 100% of the time. I am only human. If I cannot establish a connection with you I will not waste your time, I will let you know. I am only a waiter working for God. God is the one cooking the dishes, and sometimes let’s face it; God doesn't have any dish ready to be served. Getting a reading is only one of the many tools available to improve your life, but you are still in charge of your life and everything is in your hands. You are in charge of your destiny readings or not, you are the one driving, not the psychic or anybody else you chose to visit to get help. With that being said anything a reader foresee is not he absolute definite. All can be changed, as a client you DO HAVE free will. Every single decision that you take daily can alter the life path you are following. Looking forward to serve you, Love and blessings NovaLeone

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