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Talk to LadyRen - Love And Sex and Clairvoyance in United States now. 25-30 years of experience in Clairvoyance. Honesty! Accuracy! Compassion! PREDICTIONS THAT HAPPEN ~ONLY $2.99 FOR THE TRUTH~ **************************************************************************** ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ASK IN PRIVATE CHAT......THANKS :) ******************************************************************************* Hi I"m LadyRen, "WELCOME INTO MY CHAT ROOM WHERE ONLY GOOD THINGS HAPPEN" I am a highly intuitive and insightful clairaudience, and tarot reader working with my spirit guides. I use my psychic abilities in a practical way, combined with much warmth, empathy, understanding and a totally non-judgemental attitude. As a psychic reader online I am highly intuitive and completely non-judgemental. I am warm and sincere in all my psychic readings. My 21year old link with spirit (ISAAC) will bring me information from your future in the form of clear images, as well as through my clairaudience. This helps you to see and understand what is around you and help you towards making your dreams a reality. I specialize in love, and relationship psychic readings online, but I warmly welcome all other questions that may come along. I provide powerful, high-integrity readings with detailed information. I'm an open minded, straight shooter with a reputation for honesty and accuracy in answering your most heartfelt questions. I have the ability to sense EXACTLY what is going on with you, your life, and those around you. Yes, even the deep "stuff" you think no one knows about, and think no one will understand... I can see it, sense it, and compassionately help you bring it to light. I've been known to shock a few skeptics with my abilities, and turn them into believers! All of this, delivered to you and your guests in a down-to-earth, yet upbeat and friendly manner. Professionalism at all times. I absolutely love my work, and truly care about every single person whom I read for. I will go out of my way to ensure the comfort and confidentiality. Clairaudience - Acquiring psychic knowledge through sound Clairsentience - Ability to acquire psychic knowledge through feeling Empathy - One's ability to recognize, perceive and directly feel the emotion of another Angel Channeling - Communicating with and delivering of messages from your angels Intuitive Impressions & Inspiration - Strong feelings, spiritual illumination of the mind with specific information Spirit Readings - Communication with those who have passed to the other side. Messages are delivered through clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, the messages that come through can come from family, friends, acquaintances and stranger. I am a spiritual person and attribute my ability to GOD, the higher power. The information I receive concerns the past, present and potential future. I will tell you the truth about what I see and not just what you "want to hear". Psi Q test results LadyRen Scres: Telepathy/Empathy 08 Clairvoyance/Remote Viewing 09 Psychokinesis 08 Precognition 09 Channeling 09

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