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Talk to PersianPrincezz - Dream Interpretation and Angel Card Reading in United States now. 10-15 years of experience in Angel Card Reading. Aloha- and Welcome to miss Persian Princezz chatroom. I greet you all and welcome you to join me in my Free psychic chat-room to take part of getting to know me better, asking me personal questions and learning more about my traits, skills and psychic abilities. I am a clairvoyant clairaudient clairsentient and claircognizant psychic which means I have visions, premonitions, hear, and feel Spirit around me as well as know things before they occur in time. My mediumship abilities kicked in from my teenage years. I was able to predict and dream things that happened within 6 months ahead of time. I also was able to see not only events, but places and people that i would interact with and become friends with at a later time, never having met them before. I have honed these skills from when little, but of course worked on them more and more as I grew older. My interest in the metaphysics started when I was 17 years old studying my first subjects in Philosophy, Psychology, Communications and Linguistics major in high school. I have been creative since I was very little as 5, always drawing, painting, sowing, and writing since I was a child. My dream always was to be working with people in the health science and branch, and today I am moving on to graduate level of studying after going through 5 years of spiritual growth and really difficult circumstances in life. I am capable of helping in all areas pertaining to family, child upbringing, pregnancy, marriage, divorce, friendships, work relations, change of job, financial increase/decrease, moving and traveling, what he/she feels or thinks about you etc. Things that I will not predict is anything to do with 3rd parties that you have no involvement with, meaning trying to find out what the neighbors do or when someone you don't like at work is going to quit, or when a happy relationship is going to end (with the help of me & you interfering). I will tell the truth of what I see and if some relationship is on its way of ending on its own natural force I will be telling you this. Also I do not bias my readings, I am not interested in putting judgement on anyone's life nor am I interested in comparing my services to any of my fellow coworkers on this site. I do not like drama and I have seen a lot of it on this site. Keep me out of it, and if you do get readings about my life as an individual i will be reporting you to Oranum as it is a violation of employers privacy. We are not allowed to defame our fellow coworkers or give out any personal information such as Skype, Facebook, Admin and/or policy information and we are not allowed to give out real name, number, location or address to clients so please be courteous of the Oranum rules. I will also not be giving Free readings in my room, however as a new or returning registered member I may pull one card or answer a simple yes or no question if I find it that simple to answer and it doesn't need to be looked into properly. Also avoid arguments or foul language in my room as we are monitored 24/7 and anything/everything you may say can be recorded and reported at any time. If something highly sensitive needs to be discussed; please click Private and you will have my undivided attention. Mahalo

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