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Get a consultation from kinesthetic - Destiny Card Reading and Angel Card Reading in United States - no waiting. 15-20 years of practice and skills in Angel Card Reading. On the ball, he just started answering questions and I didn't even type them out.. legit is the one word I will use here. On the money and spot on advice. He is pretty amazing. Intuitive Accurate Medium. Tuning Direct...No Tools! Truth Only!!!Welcome... Hello, welcome to my profile... I am Kinesthetic Medium. Got my abilities from my mother... My mind is my intuition... Intuitive since age five... 3seconds are enough to know the truth...Guided by my great grandfathers spirit... Highlight was 22years later you were right about such and such things... I don't depend on what the cards says or the pendulum does. I independently rely on my source,intuition, feelings... Madame Rosa, without your suggestion I would have never joined Oranum... Specializing: Messages From Spirits LIfe Progress Love Emotional Poison Cure Relationships Career Spiritual Awakening Certified Energy Healer Same Sex Personal Growth Anxiety Issues Love Relocation Contract Signing Identity Crisis Carrier Sabotage Solving Depression Astrology Life Progress Fear Issues Relocation I CANT GUARANTEE!!!. NO ONE COULD GUARANTEE YOU 100% CLEAR PREDICTION!!! The best guarantor you could have is GOD!!! Ask him for assistance! The topic health is individual. Some vitamines fix my organizam and dont yours.Please do not ask me for medical advices. Ask your doctor,Google, find your solution.... Respect the rules! Love and Light, Kinesthetic Some of my Clients Feedbacks : Nicole Kinesthetic is wonderful. Very accurate. He was able to connect with me right away. What a great reading. Thank you again! April He read right into my energy when i was needing direction, hearing the words from outside of myself was validation enough to calm my anxiety about many upcoming changes, he is connected to the earth and the spirit at the same time, which is important to me, his words clarified my path. Thank you, Kinestheic, for your straight talk with me. maria simmons Very genuine and caring reader, connect real fast and accurately. Big heart and above all excellent at what he do. Thank you for what you do. will come back. Highly recommended.

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